‘Hunger Games’ Is Right On Target With Fans

The Hunger Games“ is capturing the attention of moviegoers. The film is set in the future, in the ruins of what was once North America. Teenage boys and girls are forced to compete in a televised event in which they must fight to the death until only one survives.“Primrose Everdeen!““Prim! I volunteer! I volunteer as Tribute.“ Katniss Everdeen has spent all her life hunting to feed her family. Jennifer Lawrence plays Katniss. She says the film explores the idea of political control through the media.JENNIFER LAWRENCE: „We don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. But when you look what’s on reality television and just, kind of how history repeats itself, it’s actually incredibly relevant.“Every seat was filled in 2000 theaters when the film opened on March 23rd. Peg Adler got a ticket for her daughter Kristine.PEG ADLER: „I headed out of Chester [Virginia] about one in the morning and got to the Barnes and Noble [bookstore] a little bit after three, and waited there until they opened at nine and was the first one in line and got the tickets for them and they have been very excited ever since.“The movie is violent. Critics question whether parents should let children watch it.GIRL: „I watch all movies, though.“MOM: „I’ve grown up with horror movies and my kids have too. So, we love the blood and guts in our family.“The Motion Picture Association gives ratings to movies. It says „The Hunger Games“ can frighten young children. Critics have praised Jennifer Lawrence for her acting skills. One VOA reporter said she can hold the attention of moviegoers for two and a half hours. I’m Karen Leggett.

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