Gerund (герундий)

The gerund always has the same function as a noun.
A gerund can be the subject in the sentence. Examples:

  • Walking is good for you.

A gerund can be an object in the sentence. Examples:

  • I like walking in the park.

A gerund after prepositions
After prepositions we normally use a gerund. Examples:

  • Can you sneeze without opening your mouth?
  • She is good at painting.
  • I was the fastest at climbing the rope.
  • What about going out tonight?

A gerund after certain specific verbs. Examples:

  • I like cooking.
  • He enjoys walking.
  • They hate milking cows.
  • I can imagine drifting away in a balloon.

A gerund in compound nouns. Examples:

  • I took her to her driving lessons.
  • We are going to the swimming pool.
  • I am good at rope climbing.

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