Category: Tenses (Времена в английския език)

  • Present perfect progressive tense

    Affirmative Negative Question I have been writing She has been writing. You have been writing. I have not been writing. She has not been writing. You have not been writing. Have I been writing? Has she been writing? Have you been writing? Uses of the present perfect progressive tense We use the present perfect progressive […]

  • Present perfect tense

    Affirmative Negative Question I have written She has written. You have written. I have not written. She has not written. You have not written. Have I written? Has she written? Have you written? Uses of the present perfect tense past events connected with the present We can use the present perfect tense to say that […]

  • The present progressive tense

    We use the present progressive to talk about temporary actions and situations that are going on ‘around now’.

  • The simple present tense

    We use the simple present tense to talk about permanent situations, or about things that happen regularly, repeatedly or all the time.