Category: For English learners

  • Reading

    Reading resources Breaking News English With real news stories available nearly every day, there are a lot of different topics to choose from. There are also seven different levels of difficulty, although some stories are limited to a few options. Stories come with a ton of great material to check comprehension and study the vocabulary. […]

  • Listening & comprehension skills

    Listening TedEd TED talks are a great way to improve listening and comprehension skills along with learning about new ideas. With this site, students can search through a large database for a topic that interests them. Each video has activities to complete after watching to check understanding. Fleex This tool will help you improve your […]

  • Grammar & Speaking

    Grammar Grammarly Handbook Access the full guide of English grammar rules in Grammarly’s grammar handbook. Search through categories like general grammar, punctuation, mechanics, techniques and style. Macmillan Dictionaries This is a dictionary with versions to help you with phrasal verbs, irregular verbs, collocations and more. Perfect English Grammar Get grammar explanations, examples, and exercises on […]

  • Study Resources

    We’ve put together a list of resources to help you further study vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, test preparation, and more. We hope you’ll find these useful. Vocabulary Cambridge English Dictionary A great tool for English learners, especially at the intermediate level and higher, as it doesn’t provide translations. Get definitions of words, phrases and idioms […]