The future progressive tense

Affirmative Negative Question I shall/will be writing. She will be writing. You will be writing. I shall/will not be writing. She will not be writing. You will not be writing. Shall/will I be writing? Will she be writing? Will you be writing? Use We use the future progressive to say that an activity will be … Продължете с четенето на The future progressive tense

The past perfect progressive tense

Use We use the past perfect progressive to talk about longer actions or situations which had continued up to the past moment that we are thinking about, or shortly before it.

Present perfect progressive tense

Affirmative Negative Question I have been writing She has been writing. You have been writing. I have not been writing. She has not been writing. You have not been writing. Have I been writing? Has she been writing? Have you been writing? Uses of the present perfect progressive tense We use the present perfect progressive … Продължете с четенето на Present perfect progressive tense