Tag: Learn a phrase

  • Child’s play

    You use the expression child’s play when you mean that something is very easy to do. Examples: I finished the test very quickly. It was child’s play! Stop trying to fix the car and call a professional mechanic to do the job. This is not child’s play.

  • Get a handle on something

    If you get a handle on something, you begin to understand it. Examples: I used to be terrible at maths but after lots of hard work, I think I’ve got a handle on it now. If I could just get a handle on this new project at work, I’m sure the boss would give me […]

  • Ducks in a row

    To get your ducks in a row means to organise your things well. It’s American English. Examples: With the recession looming, the government has to get its ducks in a row and invest in job creation. The company’s owner has given his managers a few days to get their ducks in a row. If they […]