Will is a modal auxiliary verb. It is followed by an infinitive without to. There is no –s in the third person singular.

Questions and negatives are made without do.


To express simple futurity

Will is used to talk about future events that you are certain about or things that are planned.

To talk about willingness

Will shows determination or willingness on the part of the speaker.

Will can also express a promise or a threat.

To ask someone to do something

Will can be used to ask someone to do something.

To make requests and offers

Will can be used as a polite way of inviting someone to do something or of offering someone something. Note that would is a more polite form of will.

Won’t you is used to make a pressing offer.

To give orders

Will can be used in orders.

To talk about possibility

Will can show possibility.

‘There is the doorbell.’ ‘That will be Sita.’

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