Listening & comprehension skills


TED talks are a great way to improve listening and comprehension skills along with learning about new ideas. With this site, students can search through a large database for a topic that interests them. Each video has activities to complete after watching to check understanding.

TEDEd English comprehension resource logo

This tool will help you improve your English while watching movies and TV shows you enjoy. It provides subtitles based on your settings and allows you to build up a personal vocabulary list from the media you watch.

Fleex English subtitle resource logo

Listen to songs you like in English and fill in the missing words. It’s a great way to have fun and practice your listening skills in English.

LyricsTraining logo

Improve your listening skills by completing different activities from three degrees of difficulty: easy, intermediate, and difficult. Take quizzes, watch videos, listen to lectures and more.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab logo

This is a radio program for English learners that airs new content every day. Each broadcast is around 15 minutes long, and includes a transcript and vocabulary words to listen for. There is also a library of past broadcasts to browse through and listen to.

Spotlight English radio resource logo

With activities ranging from basic to advanced, this tool allows students to listen to a recording and test their understanding. It provides three steps where students first listen only, then take the quiz, and finally see the dialogue transcript to check comprehension. logo

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