Study Resources

We’ve put together a list of resources to help you further study vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, test preparation, and more. We hope you’ll find these useful.


A great tool for English learners, especially at the intermediate level and higher, as it doesn’t provide translations. Get definitions of words, phrases and idioms that are used in both American and British English along with the audio pronunciations.

Cambridge English dictionary logo

Translate to and from English as well as nearly 20 other languages. Not only does it give you the translation, but you will also see examples of using the word or phrase correctly in a sentence.

Word Reference logo

Use this site to search for synonyms for any word in English. Great for expanding your vocabulary, but make sure you check the word in context to verify that it will still convey your meaning. logo

This is a flashcard app which will allow you to practice your new vocabulary words using digital flashcards.

Anki flashcard app logo

Another useful tool to help you remember vocabulary and other information. From flashcards to games, Quizlet has many ways to help you study.

Quizlet flashcard app logo
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