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Access the full guide of English grammar rules in Grammarly’s grammar handbook. Search through categories like general grammar, punctuation, mechanics, techniques and style.

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This is a dictionary with versions to help you with phrasal verbs, irregular verbs, collocations and more.

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Get grammar explanations, examples, and exercises on virtually any grammar topic.

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Learn all aspects of written English with this site. They’ll help you with formal and informal communication, with proper grammar usage and an emphasis on English writing.

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This is a free resource offering grammar exercises to help you practice, with many English levels to choose from.

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This site will give you online grammar lessons to improve speaking and writing. Choose from an extensive library of modules on almost all topics of grammar.

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This site offers both grammar and vocabulary practice. Use their library of over 1,000 exercises to learn and practice words and phrases, work on grammar rules, prepare for exams, test your knowledge and play games. English grammar and vocabulary resource logo


A pronunciation dictionary. Search for a word, then find the pronunciation in different accents. It is populated by crowdsourcing, so users can submit their own recordings. This will give you a variety of styles and accents to choose from.

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Search for a specific word or phrase. Then, YouGlish will find videos on YouTube that use this word or phrase in context. Search over 50 million videos to get examples of how to use words correctly in English

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Jack Askew provides many free tools to help you understand topics like phrasal verbs, idioms, collocations, conversation examples and more.

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This is a simple yet helpful site which allows you to type in a word or phrase and get the phonetics for it. See results for IPA, the American Phonetic Alphabet, SAMPA, Shavian and see where the word stress is.

From this site, find a list of conversation lessons including the topics of daily English conversation, common English expressions, and common phrases and sentence patterns.

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